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June 23, 2006


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This is a great site. I agree with you on every point you've made so far. You're right on target with your immigration position. I especially like steps #2 and #3, where you said:

"Step 2
Apply Strong and Serious Worksite Enforcement
 Implement mandatory Electronic Eligibility Verification System
 Reduce number of documents permitted to show work authorization
 Increase and consistently apply civil and criminal penalties against employers of illegal aliens
 Dramatically increase the number of Worksite Enforcement Agents
 Permit civil actions for employers against other employers who fail to verify work eligibility of their employees
 Eliminate federal preemption on employer sanctions (i.e. allow states to impose stricter penalties).

Step 3
Eliminate Document Fraud
 Rapidly increase and implement use of biometrics in immigration documents
 Secure the Social Security card (counterfeit and tamper-resistant, laminated like a driver’s license)."

Keep up the good work. I'd also like to link your site to my forum and blog, it that's alright with you. And I'd like to also put a direct link to the section here on "illegal immigration" if that's alright. Let me know if either or both of these are acceptable to you.

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